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I agree that by submitting this application, I authorize and give this dealership, as well as any potential financing source this dealerhip presents this application to, my consent to obtain my credit report from any credit reporting agency used to complete an investigation of my credit. / Acepto que al enviar esta solicitud, autorizo y doy a este concesionario, así como a cualquier fuente de financiamiento potencial a la que este concesionario presente esta solicitud, mi consentimiento para obtener mi informe crediticio de cualquier agencia de informes crediticios utilizada para completar una investigación de mi crédito.

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By submitting this application, I certify that all information herein is true and complete. I agree I am providing this information to the dealer identified in this application and acknowledge that my information may be shared pursuant to the dealer’s privacy policy, if applicable. I hereby authorize this dealer, and any financial institution engaged as a service provider by this dealer, to retain this application and to check and verify my credit, employment and salary history. By submitting this application, I acknowledge I am authorizing this dealer to check my credit.